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Complete your Snorkel Set or Scuba Dive Set with a great pair of Fins!

A scuba or a snorkel fin increases your ability to move quickly and efficiently through the water. There are numerous options to consider in order to increase your enjoyment of the sport based on your needs and ability. The most important factor to consider in selecting your personal snorkel or scuba equipment is comfort and fit. Recreational diving and snorkeling is intended to be fun. And to maximize your fun, you must have snorkeling equipment and scuba gear that fits properly.

Other key features to consider, when purchasing a scuba fin, are your ability level, stiffness of the fin, construction of the fin, and heels. Your ability level and leg strength must be considered when choosing the proper fins. If you are using dive or snorkel fins that do not match your skill level, you will either not have the proper stamina or you will "over" kick the fin.  Either way you will not be as efficient as you could be.  Size and stiffness largely dictate snorkel fins or dive fins efficiency. An experienced diver with strong legs and hip muscles should opt for a bigger, stiffer dive fins.  More flexible fins require less leg muscle and the diver does not become as fatigued. 

Paddle Fin vs. Split Fins

The two main types of fin construction are a paddle fin and a split fin. Paddle fin is the most common scuba fin on the market. The one piece construction works like a paddle as you kick through the water. Manufacturers have refined this construction with rails and ribs to help channel water and increase your efficiency, fin stability and power. Split fin technology simulates a propeller slicking through the water. A Split Fin slices through the water to decrease turbulence and increase power. Ultimately, this design requires less energy and provides for an easier kick.

Open Heel Fins vs Full Foot Fins

Scuba Fins

The two main types of heel construction are full foot style and open heel scuba fins. Full foot style can be worn without dive booties and are great for warm water scuba diving. Open heel scuba fins are to be worn with dive boots. This allows for built-in protection and comfort. Open heel fin straps are adjustable to fit your foot to desired tightness and comfort level. You can adjust an open-heel fin for different diving conditions that require thinner or thicker booties. Open heel scuba fins are usually easier to put on, especially with a quick release clip.

Having a tough time finding the right snorkeling or scuba diving equipment. Let us know and we'll be happy to help you find all your Snorkel Gear and Dive Equipment.

Here at Divers Direct we know that choosing your fins can be tough. There is a broad selection of fins in the market but choosing fins is only the beginning. Whether you choose to dive with split fins or paddle fins you will find several brands and prices to choose from. Even though most of the time your price range and budget become a big factor in your selection, there is a variety of choices when it comes down to scuba or snorkel fins. How often you are planning to use your scuba fins could also play a big factor on your choice. If you think you will be using your scuba fins on a weekly basis, you will want to make a wise decision and perhaps get your fin with some advanced features and better quality. Here at and at all of our Florida Dive Shops we have a broad selection of fins for any budget from split fin, full foot fin, open heel fin to the more traditional paddle fins or snorkel fins.If you are shopping for a specific brand or model you may want to start with the top brands on scuba and snorkeling fins. Brand names like Tusa, Mares, Oceanic, Cressi, Deep See, Omer and Atomic are some of the dive gear brand names you will find at our stores. Remember choosing your fins as well as your dive equipment is always a matter of personal preference, most of the time based on the use you will give them. For this reason customers have been choosing Divers Direct for more than 20 years. We have a wide variety, selection and availability of fins and scuba gear to fit your needs. Whatever your choice may be, you can make your purchasing decision with confidence.  Never the less if you don’t like your fins once you received them, send them back to us, we will work with you to ensure you end up with fins you are comfortable in. With Divers Direct as your store you can never go wrong (see our return policy for more information). Once you made your choice,  if something happens to go wrong with your fins, you may be eligible for a manufacture guarantee. Remember Divers Direct is an authorized scuba dealer and all the scuba and snorkel gear we have, is fully covered by the manufacture warranty. So in case something goes wrong with your fins or any other scuba equipment you buy from us, contact us we will be more than happy to guide you in the right direction. For more information on check the scuba manufacture policy of your fins or contact us either by calling our toll free number 1800-DIVE-USA or by email.

Whether you decide to go for a split scuba fin, paddle scuba fin, open heel scuba fin snorkel fin, we have the largest selection of scuba fins here at or at our Divers Direct locations throughout Florida. Visit us at one of our Florida Dive Shops for more information and availabilities.

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