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Find the perfect Rashguard to make every dive more comfortable!

If you thought Lycra was just an eighties thing you were wrong. A Dive Skin and/or Rash Guard shirt items enhance diving and watersports activities by adding an extra layer of skin to your body.

Perfect as a Surfing Rash Guard and More

They protect you from minor scrapes, stings, abrasions or chaffing. They're even effective against the sun (always wear sunscreen when outdoors, even with clothing over it). Many divers like to wear a dive skins under their wetsuit or drysuit to make getting in and out easier. And board riders love using them as a surfing rash guard, too.

Dive Skin - your ultimate protection from harmful UV rays

Dive rash guards and regular rash guard are a great way to yield the intense sun without having to apply sun screen as frequently. A rash guard is made up of lycra spandex and nylon or polyester and is becoming increasingly popular among families due to the strong SPF it yields. Most rashguards today sport an SPF of 35+. These are great for children because they can protect them without having to frequently apply sunscreen. The lycra also keeps them cool during a scorching summer day.

Rash guard and dive skins are also frequently seen on surfers, snorkelers, wake-boarders, body boarders, windsurfers and many other water sports enthusiasts. These rash guard shirts prevent surfboard chafing. It also offers protection from irritation caused by impact with surface water.

Full Length Rashguard

Today you will also find some rashguards also coming in full length suits. These are ideal for scuba divers during the summer when it is too hot to wear a wetsuit and a rash guard is just ideal. These full length rash guard are great protection from pesky sea lice and jelly fish stings. It also provides the scuba diver, snorkeler, or just about anyone in the water a great deal of protection during a hot day! Divers Direct has put a selection of the most popular full length Rash Guard as well as Short Sleeve Rash Guard and Long Sleeve Rash Guard available for your convenience when looking for the perfect rash guard.

Rashguards aren’t just for surfers anymore!

When the first rashguard was created it was with surfers in mind but rashguard 's styles and design have grown into a water sport protection phenomenon. You can't get near water without seeing someone wearing a rash guard, a skin suit, or a dive rash guard. The rash guard industry is now broadening from the water sports area to the sports industry. A rash guard is primarily worn in sports practice because the lycra/spandex materials help sweat evaporate faster than a normal t-shirt. Wearing a rash guard while in practice of your favorite sport also protect your skin from many unwanted rashes. Today you can find different styles of rash guard, like the short sleeve rash guard or long sleeve rash guard to fit your need. Whatever the case may be whether you go snorkeling or scuba diving you must wear a rash guard to protect your skin.

Whether you want full protection from sea lice, protection from board rash, or just SPF protection without frequently applying sunscreen then there is a rash guard for you. Divers Direct carries the top brands in rash guard that have dominated the rash guard industry. We have the latest fashions from Billabong rash guard, O'Neill rash guard, EVO rash guard, Roxy rash guard, and Quicksilver rash guard here at and at some of our south florida locations.

Are you having difficulties finding the perfect rashguard?

Unsure of what rashguard to get, not sure of the right brand or style of dive skin that will fit your need. Contact our Experts we will be more than glad to help you choose a style of rashguard that you won't regret. Whether you are a seasonal diver or a heavy duty snorkeler Divers Direct will always be here to help you pick the gear you need. Remember when you buy from us we make sure you are happy with the product. If for any reason once you receive your Dive Skin you don't feel it's the one for you. Send it back we will replace it for you. We will even pay for shipping so you don't have to worry about a single thing when ordering from Divers Direct.