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Suunto Cobra 3 Computer


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Suunto Dive Computers

Cobra 3 Air Integrated

The Suunto Cobra3 is an all-in-one console-mounted dive computer. It features air-integration, an electronic 3D compass, an easy-to-read matrix display, and simplified four-button operation.


  • Air integrated for tank pressure information directly on the screen.
  • Tiltable 3D compass.
  • Easy to navigate graphical interface.
  • Easy to read dot matrix display.
  • Continuous decompression with Suunto RGBM algorithm.
  • Dive simulator for easy dive planning.
  • Optional computer interface for downloading to your personal computer.

Suunto dive computers are well known world-over as a leader in providing multi-functionality, precision and reliability. Try them once and you will be a believer. Suunto offers several dive computers including the Cobra, Gekko and the very popular D series including several air integrated models.

In the mid 2000’s, Suunto delighted the scuba diving world with the introduction of the D9 – the first true Suunto dive computer.

Suunto dive computers are all based on the algorithm known as the Suunt-RGBM, which stands for Reduced Gradient Bubble Model. The development of this algorithm was a combined effort between Suunto and Bruce Wienke. It is said that this algorithm offers additional safety through its ability to adapt to a variety of diving situations. When divers want the best, they turn to Suunto Dive Computers.

Suunto Cobra 3 User's Guide

Style 185370

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