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Divers Direct West Palm Beach

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4074 Northlake Blvd.
Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410
Tel: (561) 775-0577

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The waters near our West Palm Beach dive shop have a lot to offer. From crystal blue waters to beautiful corals and a wide variety of marine life there is something for every type of SCUBA diver. Whether you are an open water SCUBA diver or a technical SCUBA diver, there are enough reefs and wrecks in West Palm Beach to guarantee you won’t be disappointed in diving here.

Divers Direct West Palm Beach Services

  • Certifications - Drift Diving is one of many specialty courses offered at our West Palm Beach dive center. With the Gulf Stream just offshore, all of your diving is Drift Diving. If you are not familiar with this type of diving and would like more information and training stop by Divers Direct and our friendly and knowledgeable staff will be glad to set you up with a SCUBA diving instructor. Other courses that are offered are Open Water Certification, Advanced Open Water Certification, Specialty Courses and Rescue Diver Courses.
  • Air and Nitrox tank fills - Our West Palm Beach SCUBA shop has a top of the line Nitrox fill system. Divers Direct Air and Nitrox containment systems allow for the perfect fill while protecting the safety of customers and employees. So whether you want Air or Nitrox our West Palm Beach dive shop can accommodate your needs.
  • SCUBA Gear - We offer top notch brands such as Cressi, Mares, Oceanic, EVO, Tusa, Bare, O'Neill, Aqua Lung, and Atomic at great prices. From high tech SCUBA gear to very basic snorkel gear we have products to fit every need.
  • Beach Wear - Whether you are in West Palm Beach for a vacation or you are a resident of West Palm we have a variety of beach wear that will appeal to you. From swim suits and board shorts to tropical casual wear, we have the latest fashions from O’Neill, Roxy, Luau, Quiksilver, and many other top rated brands.

West Palm Beach Information

The Atlantic Gulf Stream approaches the Palm Beach County coast closer than anywhere in the nation, giving a moderate 78 degrees climate throughout the year.

Average water temperature in West Palm Beach is 80 degrees. These water temperatures offer exceptionally comfortable diving year-round.

West Palm Beach Area Attractions

See the sights of West Palm Beach via a popular water taxi; Splash around at the Rapids Water Park; Take a walk on the wild side with the Palm Beach Zoo; Entertain yourself at City Place.

West Palm Beach SCUBA Diving

The waters close to our West Palm Beach dive center location enjoy some of the best visibility in Florida. Visibility here is an average of 60 feet, but 100 feet plus is not unusual. Water temperatures are warm and exceptionally comfortable for year-round diving. All of your diving is Drift Diving. This is due to the Gulf Streams close proximity to the shores of West Palm Beach.

The following is the list of the top 10 most popular dive sites in West Palm Beach:

  • Juno Ledge - This is a long reef with a ledge ranging up to 20 ft. At the top of the reef the depth is 70ft, and about 90 ft at the bottom. This is a great dive with sharks, turtles, Goliath Groupers, and much more to see.
  • Shark Canyon - This area is home to many Caribbean reef sharks. It has a top ledge in 73 ft, and a bottom ledge in 90 ft. This is a beautiful reef with much to see. Turtles also frequent this reef, and a large Goliath Grouper lives on the deep ledge near the beginning of the dive.
  • Jolly Jacks - This is a very nice reef in 65-80 ft of water. This is a primary spot for finding lobster. This is also one of the reefs that the nurse sharks frequent during their breeding season.
  • Corridor - One of the older wreck sites in Palm Beach it is mature with marine life. It serves as a home to as many as 8 Goliath Groupers. The drift site consists of four different wrecks. Turtles, eels, large schools of fish, and rays are often seen here.
  • Princess Anne - Another wreck site that rests in 100ft of water. This wreck is full of marine life and is one of the few spots that we see bull sharks. This is a good spot to search for shark’s teeth on the deck of the wreck.
  • South Double Ledges - This is another double ledged site that runs from 65ft on top to 93 ft on the bottom ledge. This breathtaking site is great for viewing a wide variety of marine life. Huge schools of fish, beautiful angels, eels, lobsters, sting rays, sharks, turtles, and much more.
  • North Breakers and Turtle Mound - A shallower dive site with depths running from 44-60ft. With a vast array of colors from sea fans, coral, huge barrel sponges, craps, Christmas tree worms, lobster, shrimp, huge schools of fish, turtles, eels, rays, nurse sharks and to many more to list. On the top of the reef is a huge field of soft coral, sea grasses and fans.
  • Flower Garden - If you are into macro photography, this is the site for you. With an average depth of 55ft, you can get a great amount of bottom time here. You´ll enter the “Fish Bowl” area and be amazed at how many fish can actually squeeze into a small area
  • Trench - This is a man made dive site that was cut through the reef many, many years ago. The trench is approximately 15ft wide and runs east-west with a nice 6ft ledge on both sides. The trench serves as a home to a large green moray eel, and turtles. Maximum depth is 60 ft.
  • Pauls - This is our farthest dive site to the south. It ranges from 44-60 feet and has a double ledged structure. With the top ledge providing an abundance of marine life, and the lower edge home to huge sting rays, cobia, snook and nurse sharks, this is a very unique site. We also have a local hammerhead that is sighted in this area from time to time.

You don´t need to scour the streets for a dive shop in West Palm Beach--our dive shop in West Palm Beach is located just off I-95 and Northlake Blvd. Visit Divers Direct SCUBA shop near West Palm Beach, FL for all your diving desires today.


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