Dive Computer

Accessing your vital dive info has never been easier. You'll see real-time depth, dive time and more. Enjoy the added simplicity of a comfortable wrist mount computer, and enjoy the world around you.

Why You Need a Dive Computer

Just a few years ago diving with a dive computer was considered a luxury. Now diving without one is considered reckless. Dive computers work by constantly analyzing your depth and dive time to provide up to the second decompression data. We've selected popular dive computer brands like Oceanic Scuba Computer, Suunto Scuba Computers and Atomic Scuba Computers to provide you with a wide selection for all budgets.

Scuba computers are one of the most important scuba equipment needed to go diving. They have improved diving by making the sport safer, easier and more enjoyable. Scuba diving computers constantly monitor your depth.

Standard Features on Diving Computers

There are many standard features on scuba computers such as bottom time; maximum depth reached; surface interval time; airplane fly time; audible alarms; decompression information; and a battery low power indicator. Each manufacturer has added more advanced features on each of their scuba computers.

The three basic type of scuba computers are watch style, module and air integrated. Watch style scuba computers are the wrist scuba computers. They perform all the functions you need and expect from both a wrist and regular scuba computers. Air integrated scuba computers come wireless or connect to your regulator via a high pressure hose. While an air integrated scuba diving computer is very convenient and easy to use it is always recommended to have a backup scuba analog gauge in cause of failure of the dive computer's battery.

Most dive computers come with the standard features that were listed above. More advanced features are also available. There are some dive computers that have user replaceable batteries, but most of them will have to be taken to a trained technician.

Not Sure What Scuba Computer to get?

If you need additional assistance on scuba computers or on our selection of dive computers or other scuba dive equipment please contact our staff toll free at 1-800-DIVE-USA.