Scuba Safety Tube or Scuba Sausage this item is a must have for diver's safety!
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SCUBA // SCUBA Accessories // Safety // Buoys // 72 in. Scuba Safety Tube (Item #SP011X)

72 in. Scuba Safety Tube

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The Innovative 6-Foot See Me Safety Tube is the tallest safety tube available. We feel that a safety tube, or safety sausage, as it is commonly referred to, should be mandatory scuba equipment for all divers. If you surface far away from the boat or in rough seas, it's extremely hard for a dive boat to spot you. The 6--Foot See Me Safety Tube makes it easy to spot a scuba diver even in large swells. It manually inflates to 72” and rolls down to 2.5”. Designed to clip onto or store in the pocket of a BC for easy access, it's an absolute must for your scuba gear.

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