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HeadHunter Guerilla Sling
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HeadHunter Guerilla Sling HeadHunter Guerilla Sling with reel HeadHunter Guerilla Sling top view

Headhunter Guerrilla Sling

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Product Overview

Headhunter Guerrilla Sling is a versatile Hawaiian Sling with a unique grip, buoyant design, and versatile reel configuration (optional.) This Hawaiian sling improves tracking while spearfishing to deliver an accurate shot placement, and can be used to hunt in blue water, deep water, and murky conditions.

Unlike traditional Hawaiian Slings, the Headhunter Guerrilla Sling is a powerful weapon for hunting in nearly any conditions, thanks to versatility in design and line rigging. The Guerrilla Sling is crafted to allow for the attachment of a reel, so you are never disconnected from the spear shaft. With this security, you can hunt effectively in blue water, murky water, deep water, and have the confidence to take shots on fish you probably never would have with a different Hawaiian sling. Crafted from Burmese Teak, this new version of Headhunter's Guerrilla Sling is hydrodynamic and buoyant to improve side by side tracking. This Hawaiian Sling will float, even with the Guerrilla Reel attached. The unique band configuration increases band stretch by a minimum of 33%, and up to 40% for smaller sized shooters. 

Headhunter Guerrilla Sling Features:

  • Hydrodynamic, buoyant construction
  • Can be fitted with optional reel for murky water and bluewater spearfishing
  • Burmese Teak wood handle
  • Unique band configuration increases stretch by 33%
  • Grip style decreases shaking and improves tracking for a more accurate shot
  • Dimensions: 11" x 1.82" x 3.25"


  • Headhunter Guerrilla Sling 
  • Speed cup
  • 2 band plugs
  • Band plug tool
  • Power Band

Guerrilla Reel and Shaft are sold separately. 


Brand Headhunter
Eligible for Free Freight Promo Yes
Material Teak

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Product Headhunter Guerrilla Sling

Headhunter Guerrilla Sling


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