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H2Odyssey Extra Air Source

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Diving with a redundant backup air supply is a great way to make diving safer. If you're 100ft down and you cannot get air from your primary air source, just pull out your H2Odyssey Extra Air Source Kit and make your way to the surface with the help of this compact spare tank. The Easy Yoke Kit features a 6 cubic foot pony bottle and built-in regulator for performance and reliability.


  • H2Odyssey Extra Air Source Balanced 1st Stage, with Yoke Kit
  • 6 cu.ft Tank
  • EAS Bag
  • Yoke Fill Kit
  • On/Off valve allows for worry free storage
  • Extra low pressure and high pressure ports
  • 2nd stage has dual silicone exhaust valves which directs bubbles away from mask
  • Diver Air "On" and "Off" Switch
  • High grade silicone mouthpiece

Style  EAS6Y-KY

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