Dive Booties, Scuba Boots, and Scuba Diving Socks

Booties protect your feet from the cold, as well as stings, cuts and scrapes from rocks, and coral. You can find all sizes of mens, womens, and kids booties here at Divers Direct.
Booties come in many different sizes and styles. There are mens, womens, and kids scuba booties. There are thicker 5mm scuba booties for colder water that offer optimal thermal protection, or go all the way down to thinner free diving booties for protection against chafing, and stings. For added comfort and warmth, layer a pair of scuba socks under your scuba booties. Also, take into consideration geographically where you plan to dive, and if you easily chill while you're diving. Wear a pair of hard sole booties if you plan on rocky shore entries to protect your feet from the sharp rocks. If you have any questions or concerns about the type of dive booties you might want, feel free to call, e-mail, or come in and talk to any one of our many professionals. We will fit you with the right bootie for your next dive.