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BladeFish 5000 DPV Sea Scooter

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The BladeFish 5000 DPV Sea Scooter is the ultimate underwater gadget for any recreational diver or snorkeler. The BladeFish 5000 features near neutral buoyancy for better control and underwater handling. It is without a doubt the ultimate SCUBA toy for every diver or snorkeler.

The BladeFish 5000 underwater scooter is like none other seen before, it only weighs 10.6 pounds (batteries included), making it less than 1/3 the weight of traditional diver propulsion vehicles. Its innovative and unique design allows this underwater gadget to be easily transported and stored wherever you may go. It features a super light, extremely fast to charge 18 volt Lithium-Ion battery that  gives you a run-time of 70-120 minutes. The 18 volt Lithium-Ion battery can be fully recharged in only 4 hours but it's in a ready-to-go state in only 2 hours.

Don't let the BladeFish 5000's compact size fool you! This underwater scooter has three speeds and can get up to 3.3mph. It's rated to a maximum depth of 130 ft so that you can take it with you on any recreational dive.

Other Features of the BladeFish 5000 DPV Scooter

  • Power Rating  - 240 watts
  • RPM (max) - 550
  • Speed Rating - 3.3 mph
  • 3 Variable Speeds
  • Depth Rating - 130 feet
  • Dimensions - 15"x14"x6" approx
  • Charger Type - Fast
  • Charging Time - 4hrs
  • Battery Life Meter


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