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Apeks Tek 3 Regulator Set
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Apeks Tek 3 Scuba Regulator Set

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Product Overview

Designed specifically to create a comfortable scuba regulator set to be used with a twinset, Apeks TEK3 Scuba Twin Regulator Set performs well for both tech diving and recreational diving. By using a regulator set specifically designed for twinset, you will minimize the risk of accidental snagging and hose kinking, while having easier access to the manifold valves. The regulator ports are situated to route hoses downward, providing the most streamlined configuration possible for technical diving. This orientation also provides unrestricted accessibility to the scuba tank valves when diving with twin cylinders. A Diver Changeable Exhaust system allows you to change from a small exhaust tee to a larger one, the advantage being the choice between minimal bubble interference or compact size. Both sized exhaust tees are included with this regulator set. These overbalanced regulators can be used in cold water, and maintain robust functionality. The TEK3 scuba regulators can also be set up and used as single tank diving regulators. 

Apeks TEK3 Scuba Regulator Features:

First Stages

  • Solid one piece body
  • Over balanced diaphragm design
  • 1 HP port, and 3 MP ports
  • Environmentally sealed
  • DIN connection 
  • Chrome over marine brass construction
  • Suitable for cold water use

Second Stages

  • Pneumatically balanced second stages
  • XTX  purge buttons are large and easy to use. Push at side for low flow, push center for full flow.
  • Easy to grip control knob
  • Integrated venturi lever
  • Diver changeable exhaust tee
  • Comfo bite mouthpiece to eliminate jaw fatigue
  • A heat exchanger surrounds the valve mechanism to resist freezing
  • Overall work of breath: 0.70 joules/liter
  • Nitrox compatible 40% O2 when new out of the box, can be O2 cleaned to 100% 

Apeks Tek 3 Regulator Set Includes:

  • 1 Left Hand TEK3 first stage regulator
  • 1 Right Hand TEK 3 first stage regulator
  • Two XTX50 second stages 
  • 1 two meter hose
  • 1 standard length hose
  • 1 regulator necklace


Product SKU AP0366F1SET
Brand Apeks
Eligible for Free Freight Promo Yes
Adjustable Second Stage Yes
Max Nitrox Mix 40% O2
Balanced Over-Balanced
Number of HP Ports 1
Number of LP Ports 3
Connector Type DIN

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Apeks Tek 3 Scuba Regulator Set


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