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BladeFish Sea Scooters

BladeFish Sea Scooters - BladeFish at DiversDirect

BladeFish Sea Jets

We are proud to bring you the hottest Bladefish Scooter in the market, the Blade Fish Sea Scooters 5000. We are an U.S. Authorized Dealer of the BladeFish Sea Jets Scooters. We offer full manufacture's warranty and the lowest price per our price match guarantee on any of the Bladefish Scooters. That's why you can buy the a BladeFish Scooter at our stores with peace of mind knowing that if you find the same Bladefish Scooter advertised at another US authorized dealer with the same Bladefish in-stock, we will not only match 100% of the advertised price but also beat it by 10% off the difference.

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The BladeFish Sea Scooter is the latest sea jet available in the market. The BladeFish Scooter features a unique light weight system powered by a Lithium-ion battery allowing it to be the smallest lightest weight scooter currently available. The Bladefish, besides being an extremely powerful and super lightweight sea scooter is very maneuverable and will allow you to discover a whole new experience while scuba diving, snuba diving, or snorkeling.

Here at Divers Direct we have the best diver propulsion vehicles from Blade Fish, the BladeFish 5000 DPV Sea Scooter. This Bladefish Scooter is of super lightweight and easy to transport. This underwater gadget is a must have when doing a beach dive or if you simply like to enjoy the underwater world without any extra effort.

The BladeFish 5000 is without a doubt the ultimate diver propulsion vehicle featuring a super strong lithium Ion 18V duo battery that provides this ultra lightweight sea scooter with up to 120 mins of run time, that's 2 hours of underwater fun!. It only weights 10.4 lbs and features a Mabuchi 18V motor with near neutral buoyancy and a speed of 3.75 mph.


Blade Fish Sea Scooter video featuring the Blade Fish 5000:

Blade Fish 5000 DPV Sea Scooter

BladeFish 5000 DPV Sea Scooter

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  • Power Rating of - 240 watts
  • RPM (max) - 550
  • Speed Rating - 3.5 mph
  • 3 Variable Speeds
  • Depth Rating - 130 feet
  • Dimensions - 15"x14"x6" approx
  • Charging Time - 4hrs
  • Battery Life Meter