Dive 365 Highlights the Diversity of Dives in the Cayman Islands

“Since launching in 2008, the Dive 365 initiative has highlighted the Cayman Islands’ dedication to providing divers with more opportunities while preserving the precious marine environment”. Dive 365

Aside from adding 68 new dive sites around Cayman, the successful initiative has also aimed to counteract some of the environmental side effects of recreational diving at more popular, well known sites. The site claims “Dive a different site in the Cayman Islands every day of the year!” This initiative offers divers an opportunity to immerse themselves in Caymanian dive culture, and get “off the beaten path” by bringing the lesser-known gems to light for safe public use. Of the various 365 sites, many are rarely visited and all offer a dive for any skill level.

High profile dives, like the USS Kittiwake have recently been added. The Kittiwake was sunken as an artificial reef 2 years ago this January and has become a quick favorite within the diving community.  With its abundance of amazing sea life and spectacular views, the Kittiwake is a thriving underwater eco system on the rise.

Where have you been diving in the Caymans?  Tell us about your experience in the comment section below.

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