Direct Rewards

Do you like rewards? Sure you do, it’s the way you were raised. Clear the table without being asked and maybe mom will reward you with a larger slice of pie for dessert. Regularly lift heavy things in the local weight room and you’ll be rewarded with a better chance of success on the court or field. Similarly, with Direct Rewards, purchase affordable gear from the GearUp Experts and you can be rewarded with free money for new gear. Isn’t free gear the best kind of gear? You know it.

And... there's more. How do you feel about adventuring? We're just going to assume that you're into that sort of thing, since you're here hanging out with rad adventure types like us. Now you can earn Direct Rewards points for taking exciting aquatic excursions with Divers Direct. Sounds like Jimmy Buffett-esque music to your ears, right? Here's how it works...  We have two locations in the Florida Keys: Ocean Divers and Emocean Sports. Here, you can sign up for dive charters, snorkel, scuba diving, eco-tours or paddleboarding adventures, and courses (to name just a few). By signing up, you'll earn more Direct Rewards points that can be used towards free gear and free adventures. So that's even more free stuff. "How do I sign up?!!", you are exclaiming, we'll tell you now. 


Where Do I Earn Points?

With Direct Rewards, you'll earn valuable points with each purchase you make in-store and online.

In-Store: You can earn points at all of the GearUp Experts/Divers Direct large retail stores.

On June 1, 2015, you’ll also start earning points for purchases at Ocean Divers in Key Largo and Emocean Sports (formerly known as Pirate Island Divers) at the Marriott Beach Resort in Key Largo.

Online: If you are shopping online, use our flippin’ awesome new websites:


How Do I Earn Points?

For every $1 spent, you earn one Direct Rewards point. Some exclusions apply (very few): e.g. no points earned on purchasing gifts cards, but points can be earned when buying products with gift cards.

You earn points buying gear as well as buying dive trips, renting jet skis, taking scuba lessons – anything that you can purchase!

Plus… You’ll see throughout our website that you can earn points just for fun – by doing stuff like sharing a page on Facebook, pinning a picture to Pinterest, etc. We reserve the right to change these at any time if we feel this rewards scheme is being misused. 

Safety. Performance. Fun. SPF. That’s what we’re here for! 


How Do I Use My Points? 

You use your points for making purchases online at the websites previously listed. If you prefer to use your points to make purchases in-store, simply go online and buy a gift card using your points. Our gift cards can be used online and in-store. No problem!

The minimum gift card amount is $10 and you’ll need a minimum of 250 points to buy it. 

Consult your Direct Rewards Account to see the list of products and services you may buy online with your Direct Rewards points. 


How Do I Sign Up for this Awesome Direct Reward Points System?

Your Direct Rewards ID number is displayed in your My Account section of this website. We create it and update it, so… Wait a few days after you’ve signed up to see it – but don’t worry, your purchases count from day one, after you've signed up for Direct Rewards!

If you have an account with us and you are not a Direct Rewards member, a membership card with be added to your shopping cart upon checkout. If you do not want it, you simply remove it from the cart.

If you want to sign up and you are not completing a purchase at this time, simply buy a membership card for $0.  


More Points vs. Less Points:

It has been long debated as to whether more points are better than less points, and we’re here to put an answer to this query once and for all. With a small amount of help from the elementary-aged girl from the More vs. Less AT&T commercial, we’ve concluded that more points are in fact better than less points. More is better than less. As she puts it, “when you like something, you want more of it. You want more and more, not less and less.” The same goes for Direct Rewards points. You want more Direct Rewards points because you want more. Simple enough? Awesome. Glad we could clear that up.


Some Other Terms and Conditions:

  • While no purchase is necessary to join the Direct Rewards program, purchases are required to earn Direct Rewards points.
  • Memberships which have no activity for 18 months or more (either by earning points or using points) will be terminated and accrued points will be forfeited. You can always sign up again, but your points will start over from zero.
  • You must have and maintain a valid email address in your Direct Rewards Account for your program to remain active.
  • We reserve the right to revoke any points or gift certificates issued from points at any time, without notice.
  • To earn points in-store, members must present their Direct Rewards card or membership number at the time of purchase.
  • Direct Rewards points have no cash value.
  • Points will not be rewarded for purchases made prior to enrollment.
  • Points are not awarded for shipping or tax charges.
  • Points are awarded after any discounts used on gear/services purchased with coupons or other means.


About Returns:

Points are deducted for items returned. If you have no points left on your account (you’ve used them all) by the time you do the return, we reserve the right to reduce the value of your refund.


SeaRadicals Newsletter:

To receive certificates members must have a valid email on record and must be an active subscriber of our SeaRadicals newsletter.

Once you are a SeaRadicals subscriber you may receive SeaRadicals offers, exclusive deals, new arrivals information, recall notices, and store surveys, etc. Please note that if you unsubscribe from the SeaRadicals mailing list you will not receive your Direct Rewards update.


Program Termination: 

  • Enrollment in the Direct Rewards Program is for 1 year from the date of enrollment. In the event that the program is terminated, remaining point balances will be forfeited at the time of termination.
  • The program sponsor, at its sole discretion, reserves the right to change the program rules, terms and conditions, and limitations, or to cancel the program entirely at any time without prior notification.



Privacy is pretty important to you, right? We, the GearUp Experts, will keep your information sacred. Detailed out in our full Privacy Statement are the specifics of how we’ll protect your information. We’re like a momma penguin protecting her unhatched children (except we won’t stand over you for weeks on end, that wouldn’t be cool). Point is, your info will remain private and protected. You feel safe, we feel accomplished. Everybody wins.

To learn more, please view the Divers Direct Privacy Statement.


Rewards Balance and Information:

To check your current point balance check your Direct Rewards Account. Hopefully, you’ve got a bunch of free Direct Rewards money just waiting to be used.